English Cookbook for Summer/Early Autumn

A slightly different cookbook series

Cooking is a pleasant pastime. Risks and side effects are happy eaters and good health. In my cookbooks you will find healthy vegetarian and vegan dishes. While they are based on Ayurvedic nutrition principles, they are not typical “Ayurveda cookbooks”. I do without ticking strict „dosha“ boxes and I work with all the tools that strengthen the digestive power, which is helpful for ALL constitutions.

I have been applying the principles of Ayurvedic nutrition for the past 20 years. One of my legs is firmly rooted in this philosophy, which has its origin in the Himalayas. The oth­er leg is rooted in the traditional European cuisine I grew up with. This blend of cuisines matches very well and is easy to implement in everyday life.

This cookbook series comprising 3 booklets is based on the elements of fire, air and earth, which are dominant in different seasons. The flow into each other during the course of the year is based on the rhythm of nature and not on a fixed calendar. Both format and production do not correspond to a classic cookbook. These works arose from a creative play with forms and possibilities, entirely from the gut. Have fun reading and cooking!


Size: 16 x 16 cm
Binding: Spiral bindung
Pages: approx. 76
Recipes: approx. 25
Price: 15 Euro plus postage

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